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Artificial intelligence

Having trouble sleeping, and worrying at night happens to us all at some point in our lives, but do you still need therapy? It would be nice to talk to someone right? It may or may not be serious but we still need to talk. Can I ring my therapist at 3.00am in the morning not really, would I talk to a virtual one umm’ maybe.


full body holographic process

Meet SimSensei a real life cyber psychologist, this bot reads body language and can gauge how you feel from your vocal mannerisms. Using wave analysing software SimSensei pushes the boundaries of artificial intelligence further than our pre-conceived reality may be capable of understanding. This sheer amount of on board computation power could be used to bridge a void between virtual reality and real life. With a 90% accurate diagnosis the software is able to correlate and register multimodal signals to catalogue how much the person smiles and for how long, how often they touch their head it reads eye movement and analyses the behavioural patterns in the patient. The SimSensei software aims to enable a new generation of interactive virtual agent-based healthcare dissemination /delivery systems that are able to identify psychological distress from multimodal signals.

The patient needs to be receptive to this form of consultation. Recognising the fact that you are in non-human communication may lead to more honesty, but does it lead to more mental health problems? Can a human psychologist diagnose the same volume and variety of cases as a machine at the same cost? This ground-breaking study into Ai is being conducted at USC University of California where they are also turning this theory inside out with experiments in Virtual Reality Exposure Therapy which involves the subject being physically placed within a virtual environment and 7 sense (see,hear,touch,smell) stimuli is used. This reminds me of the film the matrix but with the precise combinations of chemicals and stimuli this virtual other world could easily be within reach of our modern day human understanding.

We are steadily becoming more aware of our daily relationships and increasing use of basic avatars within technology such as computer games, social media, gym equipment (e/health) and online shopping (e/commerce), so a two way real time conversation is a feasible prospect sometime in the near future. The ability to customize avatars to resemble our (skin tone, facial features, eyes, body shape) enables our virtual self to interact with our cognitive and emotional real life self, to induce positive outcomes. And let’s be honest if you have ever been to a counsellor or psychologist you are only ever going to have one conversation and that’s with yourself.


The computer games industry is fast becoming a global influence, the last release of GTA5 generated more than $800 million in 24hours, with Battlefield 4 and MW Ghosts hot on its tail the games industry is a highly lucrative business, 85% of purchasers buy more than three-quarters of their games in physical format, while only 5% of purchasers buy three-quarters of their games in digital format, 15% of the total games sold worldwide lead to online repeat custom.

Aggressive online marketing through social media can align consumers to developing corporate strategy; on-going (CRM) customer relationship management and personalised marketing strategy with support are targeted at the end user. This displays the highly progressive nature of the 21st century digital video game industry, and allows the business model to expand its breadth/scope and reach through social media, new platforms and the mobile devices in our pockets.

scene representing the modern warfare classic online multiplayer

scene from the modern warfare classic online multiplayer, source Google

Privacy is a questionable element while playing online, you are often exposed to the elements and subjected to peoples personalities and huge alter egos.

If like me you’re eagerly awaiting the next big multiplayer video game, then you must be used to the downside of having the mike muted while playing. There’s nothing as bad as a sore loser you take out with a headshot from 400 yards using a pistol, who start yelling how they are going to traverse the globe find you and repay the deed with a real bullet, or the ones who turn the whole lobby against you while shouting, you’re just a cheating transvestite prostitute from the Ukraine.

dedicated game servers.  source Google images

dedicated game servers. source Google images

Well forget those report buttons instead set up your own server for you and your friends and make your own set of rules use your own mods? It’s expensive getting all the equipment you would need a good motherboard, SSD drive, ram and eye watering 100mbps upload broadband connection, a home PC will not qualify for gaming so a separate systems is usually needed.

However there is a whole new digital ecosystem with rentable servers available to use, this is another business differentiation riding the wave of video game mania and it offers the online gaming community exclusivity and safety in an unsure environment. These servers are mainly designed for multiplayer FPS(first person shooter)/RPG(role playing games). They offer ultra-smooth game play 24/7 tech support and a wide ranging selection of endless possibilitie

Sales, Demographic and Usage Data

Anticipating Google Glass

The pace and scale of the webs offerings has changed when navigating within this virtual environment we are constantly bombarded with choice. When I search the web, I’m focused and actually looking for something initially then seem to wander off into cyber space. This is when my unconscious mind pairs with Google’s powerful predictive search analytics. At this moment in time it’s my favorite tool for surfing, it links my email and calendar through my SM (Social media) so I have all I need at my fingertips.

With the worlds web query’s rising past 100,000,000 a day Google has a high volume of customers to keep satisfied.  Google was founded by Larry Page and Sergy Brin.

Sergy Brin  “My vision when we started Google 15 years ago was that eventually you wouldn’t have to have a search query at all. You’d just have information come to you as you needed it. And [Google Glass] is now, 15 years later, sort of the first form factor that I think can deliver that vision.

Google glass, wearable tech excites us , I wonder where it will take us when our unconscious self-surfs of into cyber space, or how it will focus our search and narrow down objectives limiting time wastage thus enabling us to work and play more productively ?

Looking broadly at the most successful company’s around the globe we observe many monopolies and oligopoly’s a trend that’s now becoming visible within the web, however with the advance of cloud computing cheap manufacturing, we ask who and what are going to create the next online revolution. We have been steamrollered over by the likes of Facebook, twitter and Google but these are all relatively young companies. With the incredible advance in new tech it’s merely a matter of time until the next digital phenomenon joins the party.

A question of search

On reading this e’mail Panic struck !!  “whats a WEBINAR” and what shall I wear !!


The invite: click to enlarge

I soon discovered that a webinars were a form of online conferencing that many participants could engage in. I found you can join webinars on your iPad. Download GoToMeeting, built specifically for the iPad, this makes online meetings more accessible than ever you can use your iPad to attend online meetings on the go – at a café, in a hotel, wherever you happen to be. I Joined the  meeting in seconds by tapping the link in the email.

I eagerly joined at 10.00am only to notice that 10-11am EDT mean’s multiple timezones ,so 3-4pm UK time however 4hrs later this was a very informative webinar delivered by some highly skilled Brandwatch executives who are a locally and globally based IT Big Data search company.



I was familiar with the term Boolean search query however not a complex boolean string. They clearly explained all this and how to use various social media monitoring (SMM) tools to maximise capture quality with volume while eliminating spam and or any unwanted perimeter’s for further analysis by management.


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